Wednesday, August 19

Be strong && grow up wanny !

Things aren't the way I hoped they would be ~
That's when I have to tell MYself that...

Things will get better!

It may not easy but I have to take each step
Forward as a challenge,
Learn from my difficult times,
Grow in courage and in strength,
Keep believing in MYrself,
Stay focus on all I want my life to be...

I know that,
Challenges are part of life's journey,
That will only bring me,
Closer to what I dream to be...Grow up && be strong =)

-The End-

Sunday, August 16

Favorite Song :)

Agnes Monica – Teruskanlah

Pernahkah kau bicara

Tapi tak di dengar
Tak di anggap
Sama sekali

Pernahkan kau tak salah
Tapi disalahkan
Tak di beri

Reff :
Kuhidup dengan siapa
Ku tak tau kau siapa
Kau kekasihku tapi
Orang lain bagiku

Kau dengan dirimu saja
Kau dengan duniamu saja
Teruskan lah.. Teruskan lah
Kau begitu

Kau tak butuh diriku
Aku patung bagimu
Cinta bukan
Kebutuhan mu

[Back to reff]

Hoo.. Hooo

Kau dengan dirimu saja
Kau dengan duniamu saja
Teruskan lah.. Teruskan lah
Kau.. kau begitu

Teruskan lah… teruskan lah..

-The End-

Saturday, August 15

TAG from Nor :)

1. Beside ur lips, where is the favorite spot to get kissed?

my mole. HAHA ;p

2. How did u feel when u woke up this morning?

Happy!!! Feel impatiently want getting to work. want to become rich

3. Who the last person / people u took photo with?

Sis Nor. My workmate :D

4. Would u consider yourself spoiled?

Totally i'm not. Because i'm prefer to be MORE cheerful person.

5. Have u ever had a best friend who was of the opposite sex?

I've no idea about it. hoho ;p

6. Do u someone to be dead?

No! But one day everyone will die also -__-

7. What does your last message say?

No answer ;pp

8. What are u thinking right now?

I wondering, why the only same thing always happen to me :/

9. Do u want someone to be with u right now?

Yes! i really need someone beside me. Someone that know how to appreciate me~

10. What was the last time you went to bed last night?

Not sure. Around 10pm.

11. Where did u buy the tee u wearing now?

PDI. haha =)

12. Who was the person who text u?

My friend && him ~

13. TEN lucky person to do this quiz.

Anyone which wanted to do this quiz. HAHA :DD

-The End-

Wednesday, August 12

Yes!!! I got the job :D

The story was start here!
July 22, 2009 i get call from RSP Arkitek:

Mrs. S: Hello isn't Miss Nur Syazwanny ?

Me: Yes !
Mrs. S: Ok i'm Mrs. S calling from RSP Arkitek. i already get your resume yesterday. So can you came for interview ?
Me: ohhh sure. At what time ? and can u give me your company fully address ?
Mrs. S: you can come at 10am and the address is...bla...bla...bla...
Me: ok thank you Mrs. S. So i'll see you by tomorrow.
Mrs. S: Ok you are welcome. Bye !

Like those promised, July 23, 2009 at 10am i came to the office for interview. After the interview, tomorrow i get a call from Mrs. S. HAHA! and guess what ??! finally i got a job. YESSS! feel so thankful :DD it's quite interesting, no need unemployed already got job. Hope what I desire all this while would materialise... winkwink ;)

-The End-