Tuesday, July 7

Nuffnang && Tagged

Actually I do not know very well how to use and what is it but it seem like attract, so why not i try. I started interested to be trying Nuffnang when I read my friend blog (Miss Rara) and she exists related about advantages of using Nuffnang. Is one sentence she said that blog without using Nuffnang was solely a matter such as bathe without soap... HAHA ;pp I no need to do anything. Only put codes Nuffnang visitor will click that advertisement. From the each click, my earning will increase. So register now to anyone who not yet register...HUHU =)

Ok now about Tagged. At first I do not know of existence about this Tagged. I know about Tagged through my friend. I do not know attract or no I just singup only. Maybe because i like to try the new thing. Hye friends who have Tagged do add me ;)

-The End-


Rara said...

wanny sygg :P
sorry nak tegur sikit eyh . hihi .
tamau marah tauuu
he = utk lelaki
she = utk pempuan :P

kau salah sikit . ngee

syazwanny. said...

haha..wat pe aku nk marah.
aku tao la he = utk lelaki, she = utk pempuan
he ke she ke same je mksud nye "dia" ann.gaggaaa~
ye lah nk btol kn la nehhh...adess -_-

Aimi Sachiko said...

ade taggie for ya~

Suburbanzero said...

add me at Tagged okay ;)

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